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[HELP] Launcher Problems

  • Every time I start the Launcher it wants to fully redownload GTA5... Anyone has a Solution to Stop this?

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  • do you have the Steam and the Warehouse version?
    I have the same problem and I am already in contact with R *

  • The reason you two may be experiencing this issue is because; every time the game notices that it is being modified, it automatically tries to reinstall all of the files back to default. You would have to use OpenIV; in order to use mods with Grand Theft Auto V.

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    Try turning Steam off and double clicking R* games launcher and then Launch via Steam on V

  • I have the Warehouse Version
    and im using Mods! I already tried reinstalling the whole game and the Launcher!
    Still always wants to reinstall it!

    The only way I can make the game run is by verifying the game integrity but as soon as I close the launcher and restart it it wants to reinstall!


    @Jan119 are you using a mods folder?

  • @Reacon Yes!

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