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Weird glitch with MP Female Animation in Story Mode....

  • Hey all, recently picked up a weird glitch with the behavior of the animation with MP Freemode Female. Sometimes, if she gets near police (whether wanted or not) or tries to steal a vehicle, she'll suddenly wig out and go all 'AI' scared then do the frightened female animation. No way to control her when that bug happens. I have to go into a trainer (Menyoo's fastest) and stop her animation. She'll stop but then her walk style will turn to 'femme' and she won't move until I change her to anything else. If I use 'default' in Menyoo, she locks up tight until I go to something else. It takes several tries to get the character back to normal. I've seen this bug when using bodyguards from Simple Trainer and going through the motorcycle scenario near Hookies in Raton Canyon. That happens when you use a Menyoo skin on your player character and use a Simple Trainer bodyguard. The bodyguard will run off even though it still shows up on the map as 'friend'. Now that it's doing it with the MP character it may be a 'Menyoo' thing. I'm going to reinstall Menyoo and see if that fixes it. But if anyone else has encountered this and found a fix please let me know! Thanks....

  • Update: The MP Male character does this as well. I tried with one of the main characters and did not get this bug. So right now, my MP characters literally can not steal or get near police without running away in terror. WTH?

  • Problem Solved. Removed Enhanced Native Trainer's November update and replaced it with October's. No more 'freak out glitch.' Hope this helps anyone who encounters it. Will pass on the info to the mod creator.

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