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[Tutorial for beginners] How to merge all add-on cars into a single dlc folder

  • I'm very noob with gta, so I've done this video with my doubts to help other noob like me :monkey_face:

  • additional tips for those who plans to do it . .

    1. if you want to merge add-on cars that has modkits parts you better stop because it will fail and you cannot use the car with modkits in game.

    conclusion: do not merge add-on vehicles with modkits , merge only vehicles that has no modkit parts.

    1. when merging all carvariationsdata in 1 carvarations.meta, instead of using kit ID value, use this <lightSettings value="1" /> to all the cars inside that .meta to enable lights to work in every car in your new DLC.

    note: I know people also is struggling with the head lights not working and this is the fix.

    1. if you still experiencing a game memory error . you may try this ..
      edit gameconfig.xml and save it via openIV only . don't extract the file(it will break if done) and import like the way it was.

    search for the lines and add the input value that you can calculate like hundreds or a thousand
    <MaxVehicleModelInfos value="

    <MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="

    This be able to make the game read the added vehicle informations/contents and not get compromised to avoid crashes like game memory error. . if it is done i guess its safer now to use separate dlc cars with modkits individually.

    I am even so disappointed that it has to be like this . .

    thanks for reading.

    1. Idk if I understood, you mean, I can't use vehicles that has tunning parts? What problems I can get?
    2. I neither took a look on values, I thought that each car had his own lights configs, so I can use just one light settings for all vehicles inside of dlc? I did not know that, I'm not having any issue about lights but this will make the addition more fast. I'll take look on diff software.
    3. Actually I'm using a modded gameconfig, I decided to merge just to prevent errors in future, but I neither have cars enough for a modded gameconfig.

  • @Yankshuru

    you can still spawn it in-game if you do so but tuning parts will not work , as of my observation is that tuning parts works in an individual car add-on DLC only.

    I don't know how to explain this but it is the way vanilla cars' carvariations.ymt did it , in a merged carvariations.meta if you use the car id it will result bad and no lights for your cars.

    you also need to raise vehicle_spawn in gameconfig to 10,000. Having so many add on cars is really heavy for the game memory , . So imagine a vanilla car has only 1-2 mb size and an add-on can have 5-15 mb size if the games memory eats that big it will cost a lot plus not mentioning the High quality textures, this is why there could be crash . . if you insist to use more than 10 cars then you will need good graphic cards and to compress ARBG to DXT5/DXT1 textures and lower each mipmaps count. .

  • So how many cars with tunning parts I can add before it's starting to disappear parts?
    I agree about argb, but I think that mipmaps are a resource to reduce graphics load, since mipmaps generates sub resolutions from textures, it's ensures that you will not see a 2048px texture when far from car, but maybe a 256px or less.

  • from what i have encountered . . if you start adding cars in a working single DLC car that's the start of it . . I dont know if this is a scripthook issue and Im not really sure.

    that is true but it will cost more mem consumption if it has too many. You just need to base your mipmap settings to what rockstar has for the sake of stability .. vanilla usually is having 8 mipmaps for high textures and 7 low textures /sometimes 6 .. for normal maps it is even only 1 mipmap up to 4 is ok..
    mipmaps can smoothen graphics in game otherwise the textures will get jagged sharp that is why you need to balance. ..

    GTA V is a big WORLD game and so many resources is being use while the engine runs and it is not advisable to use ARGB textures at all. . perhaps 1 per .ytd is fine ..

  • @jamesays said in [Tutorial for beginners] How to merge all add-on cars into a single dlc folder:

    from what i have encountered . . if you start adding cars in a working single DLC car that's the start of it . . I dont know if this is a scripthook issue and Im not really sure.

    I have 5 cars with tunning parts, something about 175 parts working, I'll add more cars to test what is the limit.

  • @jamesays

    Apollo Intensa Emozione [Add-On | Tuning]
    Aston Martin DB11 [Ultimate Tuning]
    BMW i8 AC Schnitzer
    BMW i8 Liberty Walk
    BMW M3 E46 GTR
    BMW M4 GTS Liberty Walk
    Chevrolet Corvette C8
    Ferrari FXX-K EVO
    Ferrari FXX-K Hybrid Hypercar
    Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)
    Italdesign Zerouno
    Lamborghini Reventon [Tuning]
    Lamborghini SC18 Alston 2019
    Lamborghini Sian
    Lamborghini Sian 2
    Lamborghini Terzo Millennio '17
    Lamborghini Terzo Millennio '18
    Lamborghini Veneno
    Mazda RX7 Spirit R [Tuning Re-Amemiya | Pandem | Eurou]
    Nissan GTR [Add-On | Tuning | Template]
    Porsche 911-R/GT3 [Extreme Tuning | UQ]
    Porsche 918 Spyder & Weissach Kit

    Bold = Cars with modkits
    Strikethrough = Car without modkits

    I'm currently running these cars in the same dlc without issues. Was I supposed to have problems?

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