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[Tutorial for beginners] How to merge all add-on cars into a single dlc folder

  • I'm very noob with gta, so I've done this video with my doubts to help other noob like me :monkey_face:

  • additional tips for those who plans to do it . .

    1. if you want to merge add-on cars that has modkits parts you better stop because it will fail and you cannot use the car with modkits in game.

    conclusion: do not merge add-on vehicles with modkits , merge only vehicles that has no modkit parts.

    1. when merging all carvariationsdata in 1 carvarations.meta, instead of using kit ID value, use this <lightSettings value="1" /> to all the cars inside that .meta to enable lights to work in every car in your new DLC.

    note: I know people also is struggling with the head lights not working and this is the fix.

    1. if you still experiencing a game memory error . you may try this ..
      edit gameconfig.xml and save it via openIV only . don't extract the file(it will break if done) and import like the way it was.

    search for the lines and add the input value that you can calculate like hundreds or a thousand
    <MaxVehicleModelInfos value="

    <MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="

    This be able to make the game read the added vehicle informations/contents and not get compromised to avoid crashes like game memory error. . if it is done i guess its safer now to use separate dlc cars with modkits individually.

    I am even so disappointed that it has to be like this . .

    thanks for reading.

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