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Using a mod without uploaders consent

  • brunodrl94 created Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration, would it be wrong of me to use his files in the next release of Re-Roading, even though it would change the vehicle speed of roads once and for all?

    I mean, I personally do not agree with mods not being free (not money free, but rules free) to redistribute. I'm not here to argue that, I just wanted to ask that one question - would I get in some shit for using all his handling.meta files as a base for creating my mod?

    Thanks mods and users who care to express their view peace


    You can ask the author for permission, or the author has stated it's free to re-use in their terms or something. Otherwise - you can not re-use the content.

  • @ikt Thanks for your reply could we get one on the project any time support is lovely thanks

  • @eleventwentytooo if there's no response from the author for a certain period of time, it's ok to use the files without permission. I forget the time requirement.
    @ikt can you clarify?


    Nope, you need explicit permission, either as part of the description, readme or direct communication with the author.

  • @ikt I'd check on that. I've seen others get permission from moderators after a mod has been abandoned with no contact after several months

  • @PsiBurner Perhaps when I relase 4 more Alphas that are way more stable, and I get tons more downloads, he will be able to see how much hard work is going into ReRoading

    Thanks but dw anymore psi, I've already done it now. Finished last night, manually extracting every handling meta and path and linking them up for an OIV. Only took 2 hours, but still it would of helped to use brunordrls mod as the vehicles driver at the prefered 88 instead of 77

    All in the test of time...
    Alpha 4 deffo today - maybe close to midnight but todays the day for sure!


    Have you tried asking that author, I don't see you asking for permission in the comments section of his mod at all?

    Still hard to believe this SWANKNESS parameter ties in, I always thought it would have something to do with how the ped driver is eager to swerve out his lane, dunno why, just did

  • @ReNNie Not here I haven't, he hasn't been on since July. I found his Twitter where he's active so sent him a message, not been seen unfortunately.

    Also, just to confirm, swankness is not the root of me wanting to use his mod as a base for the handling files, it's the improved gear shift speed that is the main cause of vehicles going slow.

    Every vehicle "can" get to 88MPH now, with Re-Roading, but most vehicles are stupidly slow at AI gear shifting (I think R* uses the gears choice rather than another dynamic to create the sound you hear from NPCs. In other games, sound loops and hits play on distance rules, but in V the AI have a simple "vrooomVROOOOOMvrooomVROOOm" sort of wobble - to create the SFX.

    I am trying to sort this out and his mod would of been a great help, oh well, did it myself.
    Alpha 4 - gonna knock you all outtttttttttttttttttttttttt


    So that part of your mod would than be completely lost on ppl using a custom handling.meta in update.rpf from like killatomate or CP2X 's... Just sayin' you might want to expand on what you're doing to which gear values so others can benefit

  • @ReNNie Expand in a random forum reply? No there's a 7 page PDF coming in the next alpha that will cover cross implementation of other enhancements

  • Re-Roading will not be built around mods that are no longer cared for

    Instead, Re-Roading is the new base. Everyone will have it and road mods will be designed around it.

    Alpha 4...
    bouta open da door....


    only 7, you do know it's the Holiday Season???!!!

    time is on our side...

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