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Enabling livery to vehicles that has none.

  • Hi everyone and before anything, I'd like to thank everybody because I can't count how many times you guys helped me just by reading your posts.

    However I haven't found almost anything about the subject I'm about to talk.

    So I'm a webdesigner and I really enjoy creating liveries for my server. But here's the problem :

    We have a lot of modded vehicles that hasn't have any livery, nor _sign in the .ytd and can't see anything through my menu. I've tried to add the _has_livery and adding a custom sign_1 in the .ytd but without any success.

    I'm guessing I've to edit them in Zmodeler or something like that but there's no tutorial, nothing to explain how to do that.

    If you guys got the solution, that'd be awesome and you would make 32+ players happy af!

    Thanks again.


    @Fecale said in Enabling livery to vehicles that has none.:

    I'm guessing I've to edit them in Zmodeler or something like that

    correct. if the model hasn't been mapped for liveries, then adding "FLAG_HAS_LIVERY" to vehicles.meta and a NAME_sign_x to the .ytd won't work. I don't do vehicle moddeling myself so I will leave it up to a vehicle creator on this site to give you some help on how to map the model (if the author has given permission to edit the model and has it unlocked, otherwise you won't be allowed to edit it) however i hope this helps clear it up a bit for you.

  • Hope one of them gonna see my post. Thanks anyway dude, you confirmed what I feared the most but I motivated to learn how to do that

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