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BMW X5 Lights back lights on Police car models

  • It has come to my attention that most BMW X5's have an unreal back lights which are not on the actual car in real life. I am not targeting any modder or painter on this occasion but if it is fixable then i suggest someone at least try to do something about it for a more realistic touch to the game.


  • @davebruh
    What's your favourite BMW X5/s on the site? I'll take a look at it/them. Depending on how they are textured it might be possible to simply edit the light textures with Photoshop etc for a more realistic look :thumbsup:
    The look in your picture is what you are going for, yeah?

  • Hey!
    if you have a close look at the back lights of the police vehicles you know the tail lights are not as accurate but the indicators, brake lights, and reverse lights are all accurate.

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