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Please run Grand Theft Auto V using PlayGTAV.exe

  • Hi there! Been a while since i played gta with mods. Today i wanted to play with them and try out others but i had an update on my original copy on steam of gta (i have a modded version in another folder to protect me from getting banned even thought i don't play online with the modded version). But, since then, i get an error message that says i have to open the game with PlayGTAV.exe. But, i can't find this file. So i tried to open it with the launcher, no more success. Can anyone help me resolve my problem? Thank you!

    Edit: The game only launch when i open it with the launcher but it log me online and it opens the vanilla version of gta... So no mod enabled (i even redownloaded my mods to make sure they were up to date). The thing i don't understand is the game connecting to my online account when i did some cmd to disable any connection from the modded version with the server so i don't get banned. I guess it's because i use the launcher which connect me directly to my account. Yet i still don't understand why it doesn't work anymore with GTAV.exe file like before.

    Looks like there's someone else here that had the same problem but i don't understand his solution. I tried to do as he wrote but it changed nothing... https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/6769/please-run-grand-theft-auto-v-using-playgtav-exe

  • Just redid the whole process for the dual versions for modded. Now i got problem with the launcher like everyone...
    it won't let me open the modded version because i need to connect to the rockstar launcher to open it but i can'T because of the commandline...
    i know it's the scOfflineOnly line that mess it up, but can i just not use it and be safe?
    it launche the launcher, i connect to it, then it says at the top "offline mode" flashing and i press play on steam but since i use -scOfflineOnly it just does nothing...

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