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Bullet Shells for Gta V

  • Still remember this Legend???
    Tons of Super cool mods....
    And did you guys ever think this is a Masterpiece mod for Gta SA??, What about mod "Bullet Drops" for Gta V ?? its would be great if some one did it!!

  • @Aquamarina you mean Bullet Casings? Theres already a bullet casing ejection from weapons in V , what do you mean?

  • @Xranovision Oh so its called "Bullet Casings". thanks alot. i didnt know that cause always looking for Bullet shell
    But "bullet casing" fade away isnt it??, in video i post here are its droped and stay for very long time.... any way to edit that or mod? (Same goes with Magazines, objects)

  • @Aquamarina said in Bullet Shells for Gta V:

    Bullet Casings

    Did you find out how to make bullet shells (bullet casings) stays as long as possible ?

  • oh... me too i want to know if this mod is in development. Would be nice if the are wasnt cleared after u return back. Maybe add cops to inspect it or something.

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