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What is the CURRENT way of bypassing GTA from updating w/ R* Launcher?

  • Is there a proven way of bypassing the next GTA update with the new Launcher? I have installed NoGTALauncher, and I'm able to get the game running using it. However, it still connects to Social Club at startup.

    I am unsure of how that particular mod works, so I have no way of knowing whether or not it will be effective in bypassing the December update.

    How are you guys preparing for this update? I'm deep into a machinima project and I'm legit losing sleep over the thought of mods being broken and having to reinstall from scratch.

  • @DrDecpticon this one should still work

  • @ArmaniAdnr Thanks mate, just checked it out - I am definitely able to start the game using this mod.

    However, the Launcher still pops up and says "Connecting to R* Game Services," I get the notification that I'm signed into Social Club, etc.

    I don't know if that is normal with this mod. Does the fact that the game still seems to be connecting to R* mean that it is still able to receive the update?

  • @DrDecpticon if I'm right then the new Launcher don't allow you play GTA until you are not connected to the R*, so it's ok. If I'm mistaken correct me anyone please :shrug_tone3:

  • Unfortunately the new launcher is horrible. I went to test a few mods out and the launcher decided to update itself. I cant get high speed net because stupid comcast cut the trunk line to my house and won't fix it. So yeah with slow net speeds the new launcher is horrible for me. I run my game through steam and I still have to deal with the launcher.

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