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TrainerV saying Invalid Model to DLC cars.

  • I've recently downloaded trainer v. I've added some cars with the dlclist.xml. Recently, the DLC car spawning options are not working and saying Invalid Model. I've looked on some forums and I still can't find anything. I look in my dlclist and it says 1 character is invalid or misspelled but when I look at that row there is nothing wrong and the same with everything. I've already deleted all my modded cars from the dlc.list and the vehicles.rpf. I need help.

  • @Nephere What you are describing sounds like a syntax error in the dlclist.xml. When there is a syntax error in this file (or a addon DLC is messed up), the game will not load in any dlc content (cars, peds, maps etc) and only stuff in the base game. Symptoms of this is a quicker than normal loading time and unable to spawn dlc vehicles like the 811.

    In coding, syntax makes a big difference and you probally made a mistake in the dlclist.xml as small as having " <Item>dlcpacks:/b12lang/</Item " instead of having "<Item>dlcpacks:/b12lang/</Item>" (all without quotation marks)

    I'd switch back to the old dlclist.xml and see if the problem persists.

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