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[SCRIPT] Tachometer adjustment script?

  • I don't really know how to explain it. A script where in-game for each vehicle you can set the tachometer's rotational position in the interior.

    Basically, let's say I have an add-on vehicle, say, a Skyline R32. The creator of the mod has made it so that the tachometer in the interior is at 1K RPM when the engine is off, and 2K RPM when the engine is on and idling. And then when you redline the car, the tachometer in the interior ends up revving past the redline and essentially going really far actually OFF the gauge. I come across this a lot in add-on vehicles, like I had a Lan-Evo IX mod that did it. And, I don't know about you guys if/when you've seen it too, but it kinda bugs me.

    So here's my proposition. I don't how the hell it could be done but maybe it'd be possible to make a script where you can set the values of the tachometer needle's rotations. You set two values. The angle of one end, and the angle of the other. To fix the Skyline issue for example, you can move the needle back (through some kind of menu or UI) until it goes to 0K. That's where it is when the engine is off, like it should be. Then the second value is for the other end. We'll say for this car we'll have it go only as far as 7K on the gauge instead of going so far it practically falls off. So that'll be the redline angle. There's cars where it idles at the correct RPM but it still just goes too far off the gauge when redline, or it's the other way around, so you just need to change one value.

    And basically from here it'll manage to still work as intended but stay within those two angle ranges, and you can set it for every car. You save it for the model name, then the script loads up on game startup, and when you get in a car it'll automatically load up what you set for that specific model.

    If it couldn't be done to existing cars already made it can at least be done as a script for future car mods to use.

  • @mrwallace888 god himself would have to make this script

  • Well I mean I don't think it's necessarily impossible though. We made a .NET script for vehicles to show gears on the dash, so I mean who knows?

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