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Is there anyway to get unreleased vehicles early?

  • I have seen youtubers who manage to make videos of new unreleased vehicles(when the update comes).How do they spawn the vehicle?As you know without scripthook V update trainer,menyoo does'nt work(because it shows script hook V error).Then how do they manage to spawn the vehicles?

  • Downgrading the game to previous patch (backuping the files before downloading the dlc) then enabling the dlc

    It's quite even simplier because there's two downloads, first download is the dlc itself, second download is update.rpf and exe, if you skip the second one then you're fine

  • @HeySlickThatsMe
    So after downgrading to previous version i copied the new dlc folder to the old one.
    But when i try to launch the game in the loading screen it shutsdown.
    How to make work it?
    Can you explain ? Please....

  • @YB344 Gameconfig needs values raised

  • When I just dump all the new DLC folders into my mods folder and attempt to spawn them, I'm getting "Invalid Model". Attempted adding them to the vanilla folder as well with the same result. Didn't add the update.rpf to it.

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