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Rockstar Editor .clip files and camera position data.

  • Does anyone know any information about what is stored in the .clp files created by the game for the editor?

    I have just been asked about being able to record the camera angles created by my mod, to be used in the editor and I initially thought it just wasn't possible... but that got me thinking. The editor will only let you record clips that are made using the third person camera, so that probably means that somewhere in the clip, it stores the location of the camera on a per frame basis... just a guess I might add.

    So my first thought was to force the gameplay camera to match the location of my camera, but GameplayCamera.Position is a get only property, so that wouldn't work. Then I had the idea of replacing the camera positions in the .clp files with data generated from my own camera but I don't know if that's even possible.

    I am going to run a test later where I output an array of camera locations (the gameplay camera and my own camera) while I am recording a clip and then compare that array to the clip data, to see if I can match the pattern of data. But if anyone has any additional information that might help, it would be much appreciated.

  • @Frazzlee No, they're just saved as .clip files in the user's documents folder.

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