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How to create the textures "normal" and "spec"?

  • Hi everybody

    I have textures of a character and I would like to know how to create from these textures the textures "normal" and "spec"?

    Thank you

  • You will need Nvidia dds plugin . . it comes with .dds file opener to edit in PS and has Normal Map filter which can generate normal maps,for specular map is just to create a copy of your colored texture and then desaturate the color to zero its just black and white , making it brighter is more shine effect and making it darker is less shine effect as specular. .

    basically you can create normalmaps in photoshop at your own custom design . . just google and download that plugin on nvidia website..

    thers 2 version.. 64 bit installer is for 64 bit photoshop and 32 bit installer for 32 bit photoshop ..

    the last thing is find tutorials on youtube on how to create them . .

  • Thank you very much, it is very appreciated

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