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scripthook throwing FATAL ERROR Unknown game version despite no updates

  • It has happened sine today and I dont know what to do since there is no update available. Could this have happened because of any mod (gameconfig, heap limit adjuster or any of the like) ?

  • Game update came today, perhaps R launcher was running at the time...


    @YoSoyGodot as zero said, game updated today. wait for the SHV update

  • The game updated today alright, even after I denied the Updater doing the update. It went ahead and downloaded and forced the update on my PC without my express consent, and SHV no longer works.

  • @2SFGMadman next time use this to start game without update (but don't forgot follow instructions and run game by right exe)
    @YoSoyGodot follow this page to gert SHV update as soon as it would be out. Normally take about 5 to 15 days till SHV is updated after new game update

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    @ArmaniAdnr I've been using that and my game still updated.

  • @QBit07 so you placed it in wrong folder or you used wrong exe tos tart the game, coz I"m using it and it works. Until I didn't missclick and didn't open game with wrong exe aswell and updated game :face_palm_tone3:

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    @ArmaniAdnr "so you placed it in wrong folder or you used wrong exe to start the game," incorrect i'm not a a noob at modding the game

  • @QBit07 I'm aswell not noob but mistake can happend lmao, I'm not blaming you, I'm just trying to let you check if you did everything right coz that mod work for me :shrug_tone3: maybe you have steam version? :thinking:

  • @YoSoyGodot It‘s kinda an established fact that every update will break the Scripthook V, so in the meantime you either download an older version of the exe fkile, or wait until Alexander Blade sort out the problems.

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