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New update today - anything to care about?

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    So there's a new dlcpacks folder, is it airraces? Has that always been there? Am I going crazy? Could someone please tell me all the files and folders, or which archives have been added to.

    Would really appreciate this as it would help me further my mod. Also, ScriptHookV slipped my mind so now I'm stuck out of using a trainer :angry:




    If you have backups of the previous version, you can just throw in these lines into your current dlclist.xml and have the new (vehicle) content.

    New online stuff:
    Arcade and Casino Heist

    Haven't launched GTA:O in eons, so I'm not sure what other content is available.

    New vehicles:

    Blista Kanjo        
    Drift Yosemite      
    Invade and Persuade Tank
    JB 700W             
    Rebla GTS           
    Retinue Mk II       
    Sultan Classic      

  • Anybody know the size of this update? I'm running out of room for this game. My OS and GTA V take up my entire c drive.

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    @AG_MODS download for me was only 3.3...

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    I got the exes and all the stuff needed for a backup, but guess what, R*s not having it. It keeps throwing up different walls despite using a backed up launcher, V executables and of course launcer bypassers. Bloody Rockstar what's the demand for all this up to date stuff about?! I literally cannot carry on Re-Roading until I can use, out of many other things, your AI debug overlay Ikt. Need it bad to work out angles and gears.

    This is so stupid how we have to wait for AB to update an if statement. Thanks for info Ikt much appreciated will of course work those vehicles into Re-Roading, and I'm also talking with Cass the developer of WoV to every follower reading this, which should result in the merging of our vehicle metas, with no drawbacks and therefor complete satisfaction. Still, me and him have both said we can do anything till the update for SHV comes out.

    @Alex oh yeah he's a ghost...

  • If I'm not mistaken, more is required than just an updated if statement. There are native hash maps that need to be created to convert the hashes you use to call natives to hashes the game actually uses (because they change when the EXE is updated). There may be more required too; I'm not familiar with the process.

    I don't understand people griping about Rockstar updating the game. It isn't Rockstar's fault that modders aren't quick enough to update their mods, and it isn't the modder's fault that users get mad over being inconvenienced for a few days.

    Alexander Blade does not have a GTA5-Mods account.

  • i downgraded my game and left just the dlc packs, and some dlc cars arent spawning now, such as the sugoi and the komoda, anyone knows why?


    @joaopedro47 said in New update today - anything to care about?:

    i downgraded my game and left just the dlc packs, and some dlc cars arent spawning now, such as the sugoi and the komoda, anyone knows why?

    For all the regular reasons: Menyoo hasn't updated yet (it comes with a built-in car-unlocker, these days, preventing them from despawning) and/or your fave separate tool to unlock cars hasn't updated yet.

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    @Jitnaught I know he doesn't have an account, that's why I said ghost, and did you even read about me not being able to use a backup? I've been playin V on the PC since it came out, I'm well versed in making stupid backups of various files. I explained very clearly that R* have changed THEIR LAUNCHER. This seems to of gone right over your head, as you think I am "griping"

  • @eleventwentytooo being new to all this when it comes to LSPDFR, you can only imagine the amount of confusion I was going through trying to get the game to work properly. People didn't seem to understand the new update screwed everything up even with a Rage Revert. So I spent 2 days thinking I was doing something wrong only to realize everything is being updated to fit the new Rock* update. LSPDFR is still damn near impossible to play with how unstable everything is right now. They posted today that a new update will be coming soon to fix the problems. I'm not even trying to bother with it till Scripthook updates. c'mon Alex, drink some Mountain Dew and finish this thing up lol

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    @bjackson1991 Sometimes I fantasize that I'm a world class computer programmer and I upload here a new script hook. If only I was cleverer...


    To stay on topic, is there actually something worth having in this new update? Like can the new heist be played in Single-Player mode even?

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    @meimeiriver Well, for WoV they'll probably add the cars to popgroups or something so the 10 new vehicles spawn. 4 of them have new sound archives, so that's pretty swag

    Yeah.... swag


    What I wound up doing, is just take the props (and add them to my own addon DLC), and the new cars. Some of the new props are actually pretty cute.

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