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Add Mod ID# as Tag and Searchable similar to NexusMods

  • I changed the title.

    You know how NexusMod has a number in the file name, I was wondering if the site can add that Number to the Zip File and from there allow people to search the Mod ID# to find info on the mod.

    Other things

    1. Instructions and Change logs separated from Description page by say a Drop down page that expands (Similar to how Windows 7 has Group by type > the Extension as a "Header" and if you click it all items listed under it collapse into the Header)
    • 1A. From there add a Download button (So Authors don't really need to update the page, the readme, etc) to download Change log or Instructions (Also Place Mod ID# & Mod Name in front of Instructions/Change log)
      Example [+] = Expand, [v] = Download, [ABC] = Contents, [^] = Collapse
      [Instructions] [+] [v] (Example of collapse)
      [Change Log] [+] [^] (Example of a expanded)
      [Change Log]
      [Change Log] (etc)
      [Description ] (By Default should be expanded)
      [Description ]
      [Description ]
    • 1B. Also if Author to Authors have established (Noting Version Numbers of Things involved) instructions that similar then allow it so Authors can use a special link that will have Instruction appear in Instructions Section also allow Authors to add to that on there own page
    1. If a Mod is abandoned or out done by another mod completely, please pend that mod for deletion (Like by 6-12 months) or archiving (Either it can be saved by Downloaders who still use it, how many downloads or Updates)

  • @Lukong1515 That would be a great idea...

  • @bur587 Thanks, for your reply, as I was trying to find 67a360-publish and had to go into the zip to figure out which mod it is.

  • @Lukong1515 What it also needs, is for mod authors to stop simply zipping up the publish folder and uploading it without renaming it. It takes literally seconds to name the zip file properly and that solves a lot of confusion for the users.

    Publish is where Visual Studio creates the setup files by default and so people just zip that folder and upload it. All it takes is Publish > Compress to Zip > Rename Properly > Upload.

    If you can take the time to create the mod, you can take the time to rename the upload file... or at least, that's how I view it and I do create mods. I have 26 versions of my mod uploads and every one is named with the mod name and version number.

  • @Lukong1515 Just to get an understanding of how this would be used, why were you searching for that mod in the first place, without knowing the name of the mod or what you were search for?

  • @rappo

    1. To know Purpose/Updates/Instructions or replace with another Mod quickly: I had to dig into the File to find out its purpose because I download in batch rather than 1 by 1 (So many things are design that way) then I reorganize everything for installing.
      I knew what I wanted so I downloaded it (Comparing Mods, Too Much vs Too Little, Easy Install vs Difficult, Small Size vs Large, etc) and sometimes I go as far as to save the page offline as some zips don't come with Readme.
      Also if a mod updates...how would I know

    2. Helps Mod Authors: Wouldn't it be easier on Authors if Sites/technology took care of small things instead of having to name the file, project, mod title page, etc (When a Modder uploads a file the site should take in the FileName and Version on it) Example
      2A. What Modder uploads: "Modular Juggernaut Attachments for Bulletproof Vest [1.2].zip"
      2B. On Site Mod Page: "Modular Juggernaut Attachments for Bulletproof Vest [1.2]" (cause the site owns the ID, it shouldn't change when the mod Author updates it)
      2C. When Downloaded "12304 - Modular Juggernaut Attachments for Bulletproof Vest [1.2].zip" (The Numbers are the Mod ID#, which should be a tag for the mod and in case the Title is different from the File name its okay cause you have the Mod's ID# and Mod Authors shouldn't have to be putting in the Version Number or Name of the Mod into the site, it should use the File Name as reference)

    3. NexusMod doesn't really have the search by ModID# as I have to use Google to find mods by their ID# (the IDs are in the Website...sadly your site don't have the ID in the Website so if you don't want to have to rename every site with ID#...then just add the ID# as a Tag...I don't know if its easier to change Website Address, but people's bookmark would be messed up for sure)

    ...Also we don't have a download history in our accounts...wow Steam, NexusMod and you...seem to focus more on socializing than what your site is for (Not trying to throw shade, but some people need a change of direction, Steam WorkShop isn't seen as important like how Discussion and Store Page is).

  • Actually I don't care anymore about this, I've deleted the garbage/GTA5 off my computer due to activation problems (Even though I bought through Steam and activated it before and played before). Saving myself 67GB and headache with mods.

    Also Admin please De-activate my account, I won't be coming back indefinitely.

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