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RAGE Reverting Patch Day issue with SOCIAL CLUB launcher update.

  • So I'm new to all this, I learned how to download LSPDFR only a few days ago along with everything that comes with it. While doing so I made the revert file for GTA in the RAGE options, its there, I can revert back to before the patch. (was told to do this so during patch days, LIKE NOW!) I'll be able to play my game still until the new ScriptHook comes out. However reverting back doesn't fix the issue with Rock Stars Social Club still wanting to update. I've watched videos, tried going into offline mode, tried blocking internet access to the app itself to stop it from updating after reverting with RAGE but noting seems to work when it seems other people are still playing with mods and no issues? Is this because I bought the non steam version?(I downloaded it through the social club app)? but after reading some forums it seams like steam users are having the same issue with the Social Club forced login keeping us from reverting back.

    The whole thing is confusing, I really picked the worst week to start playing LSPDFR :face_palm_tone2:

    Thanks for any help guys, this is my first post, doubt it will be my last after seeing all this crap from Rock* lol

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