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[RDR2] Paid request: I’ll pay you if you make a paraglider mod for Read Dead 2

  • I know this is not GTA V-related, but hopefully this is allowed anyway as Red Dead 2 is sometimes discussed on these forums and there are even a few Red Dead 2 mods hosted on this site. Also, my post was removed on the Red Dead 2 mod forums on Nexus.

    Anyway, I’d like a mod for Red Dead 2 that incorporates a paraglider that lets you glide around the map, from, say, a cliff down to the edge of a river, similar to the Paraglider from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Ideally, the paraglider would be an item that you can craft at the trapper or at Pearson’s in your camp.

    I love the mobility in Breath of the Wild, and that’s largely thanks to the Paraglider. While it’s certainly not realistic for 1800s cowboys to glide around in paragliders, it would definitely be fun as hell.

    I’d be willing to pay decently if anyone could make such a mod. It wouldn’t have to be privately hosted either. You’d be allowed to host it wherever you want.
    I’ll pay more depending on how well-made the mod is—i.e., whether there are animations for equipping the paraglider, gliding, and landing—and whether there are sound effects (be it custom or ones already found in-game), etc. Price can be discussed before the mod is made.

    I know it’s still really early for RDR2 modding as the game has only been out for about two months on PC, so I’d be willing to wait a while until people have learned the ropes a bit. But, I do know that the structure of RDR2 and GTA V are very similar, so perhaps that extends to modding too?


    @Dimentive said in [RDR2] Paid request: I’ll pay you if you make a paraglider mod for Read Dead 2:

    I know this is not GTA V-related

    great, than you'll understand the reason of me locking this...


    By the way, we have a Red Dead Redemption 2 Modding Discord server.

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