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Add on Car Handling help

  • I just downloaded the Dodge Demon add on car and installed it. It's a great car but it bothers me in one aspect. It does enormous wheelies from a stop. (Revving and letting go of handbrake) It is very unrealistic and makes me lose drag races. How could I modify it so the wheelie is smaller?

  • @D3AD_RISK
    Have a look at this bud if you're happy to completely remove the muscle car's wheelie feature (hold acceleration & handbrake then let go of the handbrake causes wheelie) :thumbsup:

    Basically, all that needs to be done to remove the wheelies is change this line in a vehicle's 'vehicles.meta':


    to this:

          <vehicleClass>VC_SPORT</vehicleClass> (or any other class that is NOT 'VC_MUSCLE')

    I'm not sure editing the wheelie feature for less of a wheelie will be possible?! I just concentrated on getting rid of it completely. Hopefully that's a good enough solution for you :thumbsup:

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