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Online Interiors Not Loading

  • I have downloaded Open All Interiors for my GTA 5 and when i go up to the marker of an MP map, go to it with Simple trainer or Menyoo, i just end up falling through the map. Could anyone tell me the reason that my Online Interiors are invisible? (EDIT) I have tried uninstalling Open All Interiors and that did NOT help.

  • I can help you or anyone having this problem.

    This problem is caused by "x64a.rpf" in your mods folder. If Online Interiors from Menyoo isn't loading up like Facilities or Bunkers and stuff, what you can do is replace the "x64a.rpf" already in your mods folder with the version in the Root of your GTA V directory.

    In other words, replace it with the original.

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