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crash when loading the game from the main menu

  • i had a fine working gta V before the fucking bikers update of shit and then my beatifull modded gta V won't load --' so i'm kinda stuk on the main menu --" ,can anyone help me plz cuz' i miss this game ...

  • You might want to try to update your scripthook to 1.0.877.1 and update your gameconfig.xml file, though I'm not sure from your description that this will fix it for you.

  • @naelm90 THX it worked for me !!! <3

  • none of it XD
    let me explain.... while loading the campaign i was loading the OLD update.rpf not the one that contains the two dlcs who are day12 and mpbike or something like that .... so what i did is i took the dlclist.xml from the latest update.rpf and added onto it all the addons that i had on the older version ... i dunno if it's clear but anyway the way i did it worked fine for me

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