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Spawning MP assets in game

  • Hi All, I had several simple mods installed that allowed me to spawn a variety of MP vehicles in SP, including, but not limited to, Menyoo, Simpletrainer as packed with Scripthook, Addon Vehicle Spawner and some others. When the game updated I was able to see all the new content which was great, but all of my previous addons had stopped loading. I realised this was down to a re-written dlclist.xml. I re-wrote that, and reinstalled ivpack.oiv as that was also missing, which resulted in lots of crashes when booting the game (took me ages to isolate ivpack as the cause.

    Deleted my Mods folder and started again, this created copies of the update folder, x64a.rpf and common.rpf, and promptly re-wrote the dlclist.xml to include my old addons again.

    Game now boots correctly, but for some reason none of the vanilla MP cars are selectable in any of the trainers I have, and I cannot for the life of me work out why, all other mods are working correctly.

    I think I have all the information needed, but if anything else is required please let me know.

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