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admin charger skin. denied?

  • So i made a skin and it was good. so i said hell with it. ill post it on 5mods. and it got denied. the guy said this is 5mods we dont suport fivem mods.

    for 1: its a skin for a car on 5mods.
    for 2: you also make skins yourself?
    for 3: its a skin and not a car!
    for 4: serch fivem and see all the cars!
    for 5: my work is a skin!!!! not a car! there is nothing that ses its onky for fiveM so f*ck off.

    thanks :)


    Telling the admins to f*ck off, that rarely ends well. :P


    probably some dumb ass moderator that did that, where do they find those idiots willing to spend their time putting down on such a creative and positive community?

    thanks for your thoughts!

  • Because FiveM is dogshit, and you should feel bad for even making a skin which already has been done over and over: https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/Admin+car


    @Rstein chill


    Figured you also deserve a serious answer.

    As indicated in the comment placed on your upload, it was rejected because the content of your upload was intended for FiveM or other multiplayer things, and not generally targeted to SP gameplay. This used to be overlooked, but we do aim to not allow content that is purely intended for usage as resources for multiplayer mods.

    There are better platforms and ways to distribute multiplayer-targeted content - such as forums provided by the multiplayer platform itself.

    The reason for all this - we want GTA5-Mods users who browse the mod pages to find content relevant to their interests. Server-specific content is always a fickle thing to properly categorize.

    Ideally, we as moderators would have liked to see more categories to put things into. Emergency vehicle and emergency vehicle livery edits are also a point of discussion, but sadly due to technical limitations, no new categories have been added, so we need to be stricter regarding this. Otherwise, the livery and car sections would quickly be flooded by server-specific content, which does not add anything to the SP world.

  • Hate to sink your ship here but usually when you tell an admin/mod to go and fuck themselves yeah that's not gonna end well chief


    Just as an additional reply from the staff group, I've just taken a look at your rejected upload and the description that you wrote there is clearly contradicting you about what you said in this topic:

    Literally: "this is a skin for this charger" "this is a admin charger i made for my server"

    To make it even more clear... you tried to upload a skin for a vehicle mod that's only available on a FiveM server = nothing of this is for SP

    I think that there's nothing more to say...

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