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dinput8.dll keeps crashing my game

  • idk why but dinput8.dll keeps crashing my game and if i take it out i cant use my mods anyone knows how to fix this and i also tried deleting my mods folder that didnt work


    As explained here, dinput8.dll is just an .asi loader.

    One of your scripts is causing the crashes. A quick guess would be your OpenIV.asi loading an old version of update.rpf, while the rest of the game had been updated to a new version.

  • And how can i fix that just by deleting the OpenIV.asi?

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    @gewoonlol no you need to find out which script mod is crashing the game...one of the asi (or one of the mods in your scripts folder maybe)...

  • o rlly thnx its working now

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