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About Car mods & others

  • Hello everyone,
    When i bought GTA 5 i stay looking around for problems , about car mods, on the game, they dont work.
    We look some videos, and i found the problem about the mods are not working, and i know a loot of people have this problem.

    When you install mods with .oiv ( openiv ) or manually adding on dlclist, i see there english/american people , are adding on dlclist like this: \car-name\ , and when you start your game, the mod doesnt work.
    For me it's: /car-name/ ,

    Just only if can help anyone for why the mods are not working.. change string bars to the other side.

    I wanted to know why the bars upside down, in all mods, when it does not work, for me obviously? Is it like keyboards, azerty & qwerty style?

  • Banned

    both have worked for me

  • Nice so, i'm french, for me not work , only work /dlc /, if is \dlc\ no any mod working,
    We only want try understand why anyone is /, and others \ or both,

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