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Game keeps crashing within a few minutes of loading in

  • Hey, so I just recently got into modding gta and I have some add on cars installed through open IV, and I also have Visual V installed with enb series. I have all the necessary files required to run mods properly installed but for some reason they still don't work. I tried to reinstall Scripthook V and ScripthookVdotnet over and over again. I have the heap adjuster, and packfile limit adjuster with the proper game config file installed as well. I use the simple native trainer to help make my life easier.
    I have the logs of the certain files required as well
    Asiloader log:( https://pastebin.com/index/BgtmKk9A)

    ScripthookVdotnet log: https://pastebin.com/Qp2Rz2mK

    ScripthookV log: https://pastebin.com/nusmv5fA

    I am running the latest version of GTA 5 as well.

  • If it's crashing within a few minutes to desktop, then it's not an issue with Gameconfig, or Scripthook. Check your mods in the mods folder and go one by one to see which one crashes your game. Check your scripts as well. Scripts that are outdated can crash your game. When GTA V crashes to desktop when you have mods it's a mod related issue. If it was scripthook, you wouldn't be able to start the game. Go one by one on the mods and see which one is the issue.

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