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How to change the car light position on the road ?

  • Hey, anyone knows how i could change the position of the light the headlight creates ? It's way too close to the car, idk what mod cuase this problem, I have ENB and reshade only !
    I had this issue even before updating the game.
    Picture of the problem


    It's probably the mod itself.

    1. The model itself might have misplaced headlight bones, a vehicle dev can tell more.
    2. The metadata might be not specifying the correct position/offsets.

    In any case, go back to the mod page and urge the author to fix it.

  • @ikt Thanks for your reply ! Unfortunately I have no idea what mod cause this, after updating and playing without mods it would create this with all the cars, while on PS4 I don’t have this issue at all


    all the cars

    Might've wanted to mention this. First hunch goes out to visualsettings.dat (update\update.rpf\common\data\visualsettings.dat). Otherwise try nuking all your mods by disabling the asi loader (dinput8.dll).

    Of course you don't have this on the PS4, because modding isn't* possible there.

    *: trivially

  • Lemme hijack this thread for something related:
    alt text

    See those coronas in those headlights? They're really off. Can I fix it without Zmodeler?

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