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[VEHICLE] Paying for some HELP Mercedes Benz Sprinter SKIN

  • Hey guys! looking for someone who can help me install addon to my gta v and put some car mods i downloaded to the game file so it works.

    now to the main request. I need someone to put my company logo on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter in GTA V.
    It is a delivery compamy like DHL/SCHENKER but a bit smaller. but my company is Jetpak. i got pictures on which car to to put the skin on and pictures of how the company logo and name should be. I was thinking you connect to my PC via TW and install the mods that i downloaded and ofc the requested Company Car. contact me on Discord and i will give you the pictures and we will chat. i can pay 10$. this should be enough for simple request.
    Discord: Interscopes#2649

    If you try to scam me or think that i am stupid enough to let you mess with my pc or anything i tell you it wont work.
    I could do this myself but i am kinda new to JUST GTA V mods and the game itself.bolded text

    alt text
    alt text

  • its easy to do bro

  • @saidhamzatt22 can you send me the link for the sprinter? Lets see if the guy has a template

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