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[MISC] [RELEASED] Bass Dragon's Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

  • INFO

    This Is My Edit Of "physicstasks.ymt" I Was Able To Make Some Nice Looking Reactions. Im Not Aiming For Realisim. Im Aiming For Funner Gameplay Like In GTA 4.

    Mod Updates


    Initial Release


    Any Sort Of HeadShot Will Make Peds Plop Down,Shotguns,Heavy Revolvers,Snipers.Ect Will Make Peds Plop Down As Well.


    A Lot Of Tweaking Done In Gunshot Reactions And Falling Reactions.


    Added A .OIV Package Installer,behaviours.xml And weapons.meta
    For Manual Install,Added More Falling Reactions,Now You Can Use Automatic Weapons Without Ped Flying Back Thanks To The Weapons.meta.


    A Lot More Tweaking Done In Gunshot Reactions And Falling Reactions.
    Added Backup Folders Just In Case.Player Will No Longer Reach For The Ground While Falling.Example:Screenshot


    Fixed Downed State,A Lot Of Tweaking Done In Gunshot Reactions For More Realism,Explosions Will Send Peds Ragdolling In The Air Like In GTA 4.
    v1.5 Video


    Almost 2 Months Editing And Tweaking.I Got Alot Done I Fixed A Couple
    Things I Fixed The Bailing Out Of Vehicle Problem And Peds Will No Longer Freak Out When You Touch Them With Your Vehicle.Peds Will Grab Your Vehicle When You Hit Them.Added A Couple More Reactions As Well


    The Long Awaited 1.7 Is Here.I Tweaked A Lot.I Fixed The Stagger Problem Now Players Will No Longer Stand On There Knees.Now They Will Stagger.Fixed The Snipers,Revolver,Shotgun,Minigun Now They Will React
    10x Better.Fixed The Friction Multiplier For Bailing Out Of A Vehicle.


    Last Minute Tweak To The Force Strength Task. If Its Too Strong Use 1.7


    -(Fixed) The Flying Out Your Windshield/Motorcycle Issue
    -(Fixed) The Upright Forces Issue
    -(Fixed) The Peds Won't Reach For Wound When Shot With Assault Rifle Issue
    -(Updated) All Gunshot Reactions
    -(Updated) Melee Attacks
    -(Working On) Making Each Gun Have Different Reaction To Fit With Said Gun
    -(Working On) Falling Reactions


    -(Info) Peds Will Now Balance,Lean To Abort And Then Stagger Forward Or Back
    -(Info) Headshots & Neckshots Are More Satisfying Than Ever.Snipers,Revolver,Shotgun,Ect Immediately Kill The Ped But A Pistol Or A Rifle Got Them Staggering A Little For Your Satisfaction

    -(Fixed) Gunshot Reactions Now Ped Won't Fall Immediately When They Get Shot

    -(Updated) Snipers,Revolver,Shotgun,Minigun All Have Their Own Unique Reactions

    -(Tweaked) Falling Reactions
    -(Tweaked) Upright Forces To A Minimum Where They Are Barely Noticeable.(Disabled:Torque Forces)

    -(Working On) Hit And Run Reactions + Bumping Your Car Into A Ped Reactions
    -(Working On) Electrocution Reactions
    -(Working On) Fire Reactions
    -(Working On) Jumping From Road Vehicle Reactions


    -(Updated) Electrocution Reactions,Fire Reactions,Jumping From Road Vehicle Reactions,Hit And Run Reactions
    -(Updated) Pratfalling

    -(Working On) FallOverWall Task
    -(Working On) Grab Onto Ledges


    -(Added) FallOverWall Task
    -(Added) FallOverVehicle Task

    -(Fixed) Grab Tasks

    -(Tweaked) Pratfalling,HighFall,Brace Tasks
    -(Tweaked) Gunshot Reactions
    -(Tweaked) weapons.meta Some Weapons Have Less Force And Damage

    -(Polished) physicstasks.ymt Cleaned It Up A Bit

    -(Still Working On) Grab Onto Ledges

    -(Trying To Fix) Bump Into Ped With Vehicle
    -(Trying To Fix) Fire And Electrocution Tasks


    -(Fixed) Fire And Electrocution Reactions. Im Proud Of The Electrocution Reaction
    -(Fixed) weapons,meta Reverted Back To The Original
    -(Fixed) Crash Through Windscreen & Motorcycle Crash Is Fixed Now The Player Will React

    -(Still Trying To Fix) Bump Into Ped With Vehicle. I Can't Find What's Causing The Ped To Go Foetal

    -(Still Working On) Grab Onto Ledges

    -(Tweaked) Gunshot Reactions.Stagger Is More Repetitive + ArmsWindmill For Flailing Of Arms


    -(Updated) HighFall / Pratfalling (Thanks To @AlienGamer)

    -(Tweaked) Gunshot Reactions
    -(Tweaked) Windshield Cannons
    -(Tweaked) Explosion Reactions

    -(Still Trying To Fix) Bump Into Ped With Vehicle. (Might Have To Leave It How It Is)

    -(Still Working On) Grab Onto Ledges



    -(Fixed) Peds Will Look At You And Stand There And Not Holding Their Wounds

    -(Added) RDR2 Type Headshots

    -(Updated) Melee Combat
    -(Updated) Neckshots
    -(Updated) Stagger Task
    -(Updated) More Messages Include Falloverwall Task For Comedic Effect. Like Melee And Being Pushed

    -(Update Info) RDR2 Type Headshots Will Make The Ped Spaz Out. This Will Call ArmsWindmill,PedalLegs,ShotConfigureArms.

    -(Update Info) Melee Combat Will Make The Ped Balance Better

    -(Update Info) Falloverwall Tasks Are Involved In Melee Combat,Being Pushed,Drunk Task,Highfall

    -(Tweaked A Little Bit) BodyWrithe

    -(Working On) weapons.meta
    -(Working On) BodyWrithe
    -(Working On) More Research

    Known Bugs

    (The List Of Things Here Will Be Fix In Future Updates.If You Find A Bug Have A Video/Screenshot For Proof)


    Manual Installation

    Each File Contains A Installation.txt
    The Text Document Will Tell You Where To Put Each File


    Install Using The .OIV File


    I'd Appreciate Some Feedback.If There's Recommendations I Will Try My Best To Make It Happen.

  • Banned

    Thanks man I love it so much. One of the last like 10 HQ mods stayin' alive. Keep it coming, the animation of things I do looks so sweet.

    Dragin some bitch outta her car then put a cap in da bitches chest she gets up all slumped, shooting at me with a pistol in one hand, clutching her entry with the other. This is with your euphoria overhaul, and good ol' ENT.

    Thanks again!

  • Banned

    Oh I've got a recommendation, could you extremely exaggerate non lethal hand gun shots? I love pistols. Ever since films as an ikkle boy I like single fire weapons piercing people and stopping them in their tracks. Love that power shit.

    In V, I always slow down some sessions and play at stupidly low speeds. Have police chases and I hop out da wip at da end and fire as many shots as I can (With wounded body animation on), screen effects, Menyoo motion blur, ah man it's sick. Health and armour always set to 1 with ENT. Then I just crack crack craccc and der all like GUN! GUN! boooooom pew pew booooom
    And den I drop my gun... an my life

    Yeah, so anway. If you could make people clutch their bodies for ages, or writhe for brilliant agonizing times, that'd be dope.

    GL. :laughing:

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