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Problem with some models, Help? (FIXED by Packfile Limit Adjuster!)

  • Hi,I get this error on few of the mods I try to install.
    "error corrupt game data..."
    Through testing, I am very sure some models alone can cause this error and it wasn't number of add-ons or 4K textures and not even over sized models. I get this error on few mods.
    My game version is 1.0.1180.2. Note that the problem goes away by removing the DLC containing these models, so every thing else is OK.
    I tried adding one of the cars in pack through a blank add-on pack without settings came with it. done this with few other mods the result is always the same the model is causing me this error. I can't find the exact problem but it's gotta be with in the model and the textures that comes with it. Any idea what is wrong? These mods are clearly tested before how come it doesn't work for me? Do you have the same problem? Reply and we may be able to help each other spot the problem.


  • @ReNNie AKA 1.41 version.



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  • @ReNNie Can we keep the discussion around the main topic of this post? I am not discussing a pirated game or anything like that. That's just my game version in windows properties. Anyone knows what the problem may be here?
    One of the mods that give me this issue is Hot Pursuit: Blaine County PD Pack [Add-On | Template]

  • The one thing I didn't do was the problem! :expressionless: even though I was 99% sure it was the model it was the number of .rpf files in my game. Thought I had that tested, but seems I didn't and Packfile Limit Adjuster fixed the problem. kinda feel stupid for not installing it earlier! :sweat_smile:
    But to avoid this problem in the future can someone link to me a full guid on how to correctly merge DLC mods rpfs? :)

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