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PLEASE HELP add-on cars won't work after latest updates

  • So I'm fairly new to gta5 modding but caught on quickly and had mods running add-on cars working perfectly but after the new GTA update and open iv making me update it also the game runs but my add-on cars wont spawn anymore ones I had working all the files are there and placed correctly even the edits to the dlclists are correct (they worked perfectly fine previous to updates). I've tried a lot of things I read from here and YouTube with no resolve. I tried adding new ones and they wouldn't work either. All my trainers and even my enbs are still working fine. Please I've been trying to fix this for at least a week any and all help is super appreciated!!! Also I tried the game config mod but couldn't find the correct version in the files or perhaps missed something....... Tia

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    have you updated scripthook v, scripthook v dot net, and open iv?

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