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Changing replace mods

  • I want to replace the main cars in GTA 5 with real cars using replace car mods. The problem is, the cars I downloaded do not replace the cars I want to be replaced in GTA. I've tried changing the names of the cars (the .ytd and .ytf) to the car I want it to replace, and they do not replace the cars. Any one know how to change which cars are being replaced?

  • This can be done easily. You have to be sure you're changing the ytd,yft, and _hi.yft files in the right places. I recommend using the search function to find out how many times its been patched. Most of the time it can be replaced successfully by changing the files in the latest patch, IE patchday3ng, etc. Keep in mind that you may have to deal with texture issues and work around mods, handling and vehicle metas.

  • It can be done. Just be sure to replace the files for that vehicle in the right folder(s). Some will be trial and error. Then you'll have to work around mods to get them to work. Also dont forget handling and vehicle.meta. you may have to edit those to get the vehicle to run well. Good luck! I love doing this cause it can be very satisfying when you complete a car!

  • @Sawvyeej86 Just did one, but where should I get the handling.meta from? It keeps flipping...

  • So if the car mod that you want to install comes ONLY as a replace, you wont have the handling.meta and vehicle.metas. Most likely I would think the author would swap the car with something comparable to power, spec, car type, etc. But to answer your question tho, there wont be a customized handling.meta to replace. It will handle just like the car you replaced. For this instance, I recommend changing the <HANDLINGID> in the vehicle.meta to something you think would match.

    So for example: I simple change the way the NINEF handles by changing it to SULTAN.


    If the car comes as a addon, but you want to replace instead. You simply add the car mod file into your dlcpacks, and extract all the files you need. Then you pick a car you want to replace it with and start changing all the files. GOod luck man!

  • @kianshea2 One more thing as I recall. If it only comes as a replace, you could copy the meta files from another car you feel similar, and simply edit those files and change the name files to the dlc car.

    Also, try to work on one car at a time. I know its time consuming but that way you can easily back track mistakes to fix any loading errors. Cheers!

  • @kianshea2 I would correct Sawvyeej, if you use replace mod which is car A and should replace car B, but you rename it and use as replacement of car C then just find vanilla meta files of car B and use them to replace meta data for car A.

    But you need to know what are lines in meta data doing at least a bit, especially vehicles.meta data coz you mostly can't change all the lines but just some of them. Plus when you know what is doing what, you can custom it to for example keep car in same category, keep original spawn rate, distance and colors, change sound or exhaust effect to any other etc.

    Handling.meta are easier, you can mostly replace all lines. Problems could appareal just in case that vehicle have weapons or you can drive it + fly with it or drive it + go into water with it, coz there are specific subhandling lines which are a bit more complicated. But in basic cars you can aswell do it the way that you don't copy data from car C to replace data of car B, but you can go to the vehicles.meta of car B and in line handling write name of handling which are using the car C, so you don't duplicate same data twice, you just make car B use handling of car C. (I hope I didn't write it much complicated and you don't lost in it :see_no_evil: )

    Then not neccesary but recomended especialy for cars with tuning parts, you should aswell edit carcols.meta/.ymt and carvariations.meta/.ymt .

    Carcols data are about tuning parts, what let's call it 'pack' of tuning parts contains which parts. So then in carvariations, you write the name which pack should which car use. in 99% it's like 'ninef' use tuning parts 'pack' called 'ninef_mods' and car's without tuning parts use default or suv etc. Without editing this, when your downloaded mod which we called car A don't have tuning parts, but car that you are replacing - car B have them, it may cause at least weird looking car if it spawn with tuning parts and in worst case it would crash the game everytime that it spawns near you. (the more mods you use, the more little mistakes would cause big troubles).

    Another tip for you as you are just learning editing meta files, if your game don't load or crash after spawning the car you was working on, you did of course something wrong in meta data, but it can easily be just missing or additional symbol in any line, so take care on the symbols, mostly the parenthesis or ' ; ' .

    BTW: when using addon car for replace, you would find all meta data in provided dlc.rpf aswell as the model. Must have at least vehicles.meta

    I tryed be as clear as I know to :grin: hope it helps you a bit and GL

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