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"ERR_FIL_PACK_1" once again after installing some addon cars

  • Hi,

    So I'm experiencing "err_fil_pack_1" error once again. I updated clear GTA to 1.36, installed core mods, some other mods affecting gameplay (but not vehicles), like SPA, Carona Begone, Windscreen Wipers, Satelite Map etc. and started installing addon cars in packs of 10. When I installed 4th pack (meaning that I was supposes to have 40 addon cars), my game started crashing while loading single player with error code I mentioned before. Ofc I have new gameconfig supporting limitless vehicles.

    Solutions please?


  • @Lonique Have you tried it without any script mods?

    Also, if you remove the 3rd pack you added and install the 4th one instead, what happens then?

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah, did it for example on 1.35 and on 1/36 with less scripts. In 1st case, my game crashed on around 140 addon cars, in 2nd - about 110 addon cars.

  • @LeeC2202 I've just tried installing mods 1 by 1 and figured out that game crashes when I try to install 37th addon. Tried some Bentley Continental GT, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, some kind of Supra - both crashed game when installed (only 1 of them installed at once).

    My list of mods/scripts I installed before installing cars:

    • scripthookv
    • scripthookv.net
    • mpbiker
    • trainerv
    • gameconfig for limitless addon vehicles
    • carona begone
    • stretched tire wheel pack
    • real brand rims
    • vehicle controller
    • vossen b-rims pack #2 (addon)
    • benny's
    • raindrop
    • Single Player Apartaments
    • Vossen b-rims pack (addon)
    • windscreen wipers
    • satelite map
    • hq b-rims pack 2 (addon)
    • hq b-rims pack (addon)
    • offroad b-rims pack (addon)

  • @Lonique Does removing SPA out of the equation make any difference at all?

    Edit: Whoa!!! I've just tried to download one of those rims packs... 513MB for rims? How big are the other rims packs?

  • @LeeC2202 Didn't help.
    Stretched ~80MB, Real ~48MB, Vossen 2 ~72MB, Vossen ~310MB, both HQ and HQ 2 are ~420MB each.

  • @Lonique Those rims packs are huge... both HQ packs together are the same size as all 26 of my addon cars. I can only imagine what impact they have on the resource pool.

  • @LeeC2202 Well, I still don't understand something. Even if I'd remove all those addon rims, we could suggest that I'm able to install about ~50 more addon cars. Somehow when I was making another packages before, I was able to install over 110 addon vehicles. Any other ideas?

  • @Lonique Did you have all those rim packs installed in version 1.35 as well as having more cars installed?

  • @LeeC2202 No, I didn't install all those addon rims, only stretched and real as replaces, as well as on 1.36 before I rage-deleted whole folder because of that error.

  • @Lonique The only way I think you're going to find out for sure... and this really isn't a nice option, is to take a clean update.rpf file and only install the gameconfig, dlclist.xml and addon cars... nothing more. Remove every other mod type out of the equation.

    Once you have done that, you will know exactly what the tolerance is for pure car addons... then you'll have a far better idea of what kind of numbers we're looking at.

    Edit: That also includes removing any script mods that you don't need to spawn the vehicles etc...


    @Lonique Some tips:

    • Always use "gameconfig.xml" by F7YO, really works great, I have it for more than 200 Add-On's I have in-game.
    • Every time a "ERR_FIL_PACK_1" error message appears, is because or game reached Add-On's limit (fixed with above thing), or because you did something wrong during the Add-On's installing process. Tested myself, this error is caused by one or both things.
    • Don't install more than 80 DLC Folders in "dlcpacks", otherwise your game will crash. Just create 1 DLC folder, call it how you want, and install all Add-On's inside (long process because editing all files every time you add a new car, but much more effective to avoid conflicts).

  • @Reyser I actually can't agree with you that 80 is the limit. I will try to learn something about combining dlcs. But basing on my experience (which I'be told about in previous replies to this post) I think, that combining all into one won't help because seems like it's all about size of modified files all together, not about their amount. Btw. I'm using the gameconfig you've mentioned. Maybe it's about pc spec? Sth related to memory, maybe sth about RAM or HDD.

  • @Lonique It depends on how the game allocates pools to dlc packs. I had read about a limit on individual dlc packs before and the annoying thing is I had a reply part-written to ask about that, got distracted, closed Firefox and lost the reply.

    If the game has a limit on how many dlcs it can handle, rather than dlc assets, then it would cause a problem. Think of it like a school with classrooms and pupils. If you had to add a new classroom (dlcpack) every time a new pupil was added to the school, you'd eventually run out of space and teachers to teach them and you'd need a whole register just for that one child. But if you added that child to an existing classroom (or dlcpack), you still have as many children but in the bigger scheme of things, they don't take up as many school resources.

    All these errors are caused by resource allocation problems, not physical memory problems.

  • @Reyser You've just decided my next project... an addon combining tool, I'll start on that tomorrow (or later today) I think.


    @Lonique I can confirm that 83-85 DLC Folders in "dlcpacks" will crash your game, I tried and it happened, and I'm not the only one who had this issue, so don't take unnecesary risks.

    About "RPF" files size, yes, there's a limit too, they can't exced 3,8-3,9Gb of size, else Tuning parts and maybe some car will be damaged (This happened to me recently, I couldn't open any Tuning Parts file because of this, and that's why I separated all Add-On's in 3 DLC packs with 1,9-2,0Gb amount each one. Now my game works amazingly great).

    To finish, nah, your pc isn't the problem. I was playing modified GTA (much more heavy than now) in a low consumption ASUS Laptop, and it was working (with some **** crashes that I never knew before why were, but now they are all fixed).

    @LeeC2202 Sounds great, I'll be aware of it. Maybe someday I'll start doing something like you, I started learning to program in Java last month, I'm still a "newbie" but I like it. Good luck with your projects!

  • I never got "ERR_FIL_PACK_1" error but instead I get "corrupt.. reinstall game blah blah.." but how I fixed it was I used https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars . Then cleared the dlclist and dlcpacks of mods/cars in mods folder & as well as non mods folder. Next I reinstalled a car (i guess it did not matter lol.) and edited the dlclist and dlcpacks in the mods folder only not the original, started up GTA 5 and game did not crash or any error, got into my SPA(SinglePlayerApartment), walked outside spawned my car along with my addonpeds mod loaded up the ped I wanted and they both worked! Very happy! Hope this helps anyone who sees this and helps them out as well. Have fun! :relieved:

  • @Vermin If I do understand you, you've installed all mods into GTA main folder (I mean in update folder in main GTA directory) at first instead of mods folder.

    @LeeC2202 Can't wait for it, because as I've checked for some tutorials how to combine addons into one, I felt sick of watching how complicated it is. I'll try to work on it a bit later, maybe I'm brained enough to do it by myself.

    Thanks for help to all of you!

    Just tried doing 1 dlc of 2 mods, ofc I f*cked up something, I give up lol.

  • @LeeC2202 sorry to bump into this thread, but I just want to be clear..you are working on a program, that is capable of combing several Addon-Cars into one DLC pack? So that there will be only one extra entry in the dlclist.xml?

  • @Red_Eagle Yes, that is correct... I also want to make it so that it can take replace vehicles and integrate them into the same pack. Or at the very least, have a separate part of the programme for doing Replace > Addon conversions.

  • @LeeC2202 Oh my, that sounds like a brilliant idea...also with with working additional tuning parts for several vehicles? ( modkit-ids has to be changed manually by the user if necessary)
    This is "Featured"-Stuff right there...:thumbsup_tone1:

  • @Red_Eagle I have only just started it so have barely scratched the surface of what is involved. But if modkit IDs have to be changed based on existing mods using those numbers, then it is possible that I could automate that process as well by examining existing files...

    I really don't know yet just what is and isn't possible.

  • @LeeC2202 no rush, take your time doing so....:)
    in the meantime, I'll go back playing some Skyrim ...:D

  • @LeeC2202 Well, I'm too tired to understand you properly, but if I do understand enough - did you already make addon combining tool (into one dlc.rpf)? If so, could you share.

    Btw. wanted to tell all of you, that I combined all rims into one dlc.rpf (you can find how to do it on download sites of any of those rims) the way that author suggested to me. I've tried adding 3 more addons at the moment and all of them work, my game do not crash. Tomorrow I'm gonna try adding more and more addons.

  • @Lonique I haven't made it yet but I am trying to make it. I am having a lot of problems with RPF files though and cannot find anyone willing to offer any help, so it is hard work. :(

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