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gun shake

  • Does anyone know how to edit the shaking of the gun? ak47 in specific, she trembles too much when taking, does anyone know how to decrease it?

  • 1)Weapons.meta
    2)Find Recoil Shake line

  • @Xranovision THANK YOU!

  • @RanditoCarlito you can also increase the Recoil power/Gun knockback by looking for these lines
    <IkRecoilDisplacement value="0.01" />
    <IkRecoilDisplacementScaleBackward value="1.0" />
    <IkRecoilDisplacementScaleVertical value="0.4" />
    • For IkRecoilDisplacementValue - the first 0 is the right direction for the gun to sway , the second 0 is the left side where the gun will sway.
    • For IkRecoilDisplacementBackward - the first 0 is the backward direction while the other 0 is for the forward direction of the gun to go when fired.
    •For IkRecoilDisplacenentVertical - the first 0 is for the horizontal while the other 0 is for vertical

    Disclaimer: Never make values above 12 because it would have too much recoil and displacement , ESPECIALLY the IKDISPLACEMENTVALUE. Never go values above 5.

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