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Replace + addon ??

  • Can you have both of the same car? I would think so since the files are completely different. I dont care to add (edit mods) into traffic car versions but for my personal addon cars I want the mods, which is why I want to have both. So I add the file to dlcpacks and dlclist for the addon version while also completing the replacement steps. Just wondering if this is a good idea. Thanks!


    @Sawvyeej86 why have two of the same car?

  • As I said, the replacement is just so I can see AI driving it around town in stock form while my addon version will come with all the mods etc.

  • Yes, of course you its possible,
    replace will just replace some vehicle that already exist in-game, and addon will just add it as totally new vehicle that can be spawned only by trainer.
    but idk why someone would want to have 2 of same car in-game.

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