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Photography - Screenshots or Snapmatic Uploads?

  • I've been fascinated by the world of GTA V and it's 'liveliness. I'm coming over from Assassin's Creed:ORIGINS we have a pretty decent Photomode, where the scenery captured from exploring every nook and cranny of the aesthetic opened up a totally new way to approach these virtual worlds.

    So I'm asking is there a way to take awesome screenshots with outside programs?
    If I use PrtScrn, GTA V opens up the Pause screen and discards the shot.
    ENB saves in .BMP?! what why?!

    Are there any Screenshot software or ______ that you prefer to use over the in-game cell phones for certain pictures?

    I like taking pics in-game with the cellphones. Snapmatic has a limit of 96 pictures and then you have to delete from the Gallery or you can upload all of them to Rockstar Social Club and then download them from there before deleting in-game. But I'm looking for a more streamline method or approach if anyone in the community has ideas or methods they would like to share.

    Thanks :100:, Oz

    Posted this here as the description says Q&A for the community, feel free to move if needed

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