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[MISC] [WIP] ReShade + ENB!

  • ReShade+ENB preset, here are some screenshots. Pls give some constructive criticism and suggestions!!

    0_1476060801005_gta5-2016-10-09-20-15-12-42.png 0_1476060794822_gta5-2016-10-09-20-14-21-90.png


  • @bur587 I don't have much to add as a comment because I'm not a fan of presets but I did want to mention a useful trick you can try with Photoshop.

    Take one of your images, load it into Photoshop and duplicate it. On one of the images, apply an auto-colour and auto-levels adjustment. Copy that adjusted image into the other image as a new layer, then toggle it on and off to see the difference.

    It doesn't give you an absolute "This is best" solution but it does give you a balanced image to compare against, which can guide you in a direction you might not have considered. It also gives you an alternate view that isn't skewed by bias or personal preference. It might not be useful to you but I find it a nice way to get a fresh look at an idea.

  • @LeeC2202 I kind of want to keep what I am doing and take screenshots in Rockstar editor with fraps. But that seems like useful advice.

  • @bur587 What it's very good for, is neutralising the brain's ability to filter out slight changes.

    So you might tweak your preset and introduce a slight colour shift and after a short while, your brain will neutralise that shift, so you'll tweak it a bit more and shift it a bit more. So just grab a fraps screengrab every now and again and do that with it.

  • @LeeC2202 Besides that could you try to give me some advise, I want to know what people want in an ENB + Reshade :)

  • @bur587 My main advice would be to decide what you want your preset to be, real or stylised but don't get caught in between. Don't try and include what everyone wants in your preset because it will cause conflict. One man's real and exciting, is another man's dull and boring... but all of this is your vision, that's why you have to get it clear in your mind what you want it to be.

    As far as appearance goes, all I can tell you is what I would look for, which would be:

    And please, before you go any further, some of this is tongue-in-cheek. Please don't take these comments as anything other than quirky-humour based on nothing more than personal opinion... I just didn't want to add ;) similies all over the place. :) It's a bit formal how I've written it, but that's because if I don't do that, my brain will wander off in all directions and I will talk all sorts of nonsense.

    1. Don't crush the living daylights out of the contrast... even the blackest blacks have form and texture and the brightest whites still have shape and definition.
    2. Don't blind me with bloom.
    3. Don't turn the saturation levels up to 11... my ideal preset would have it turned down to 7 or 8 but that's just me.
    4. Don't turn every reflective surface into a perfect mirror.
    5. Don't blur things for the sake of making them blurry.
    6. Be careful with DOF.
    7. Be even more careful with ambient occlusion... I've seen promising presets destroyed by dark, shadowed grooves and corners where they don't belong.
    8. Remember that Uber-PCs aren't the norm, so balance all those tempting effects with a need to keep the game running at more than 10fps.
    9. Enjoy making it.

    If you do decide to go for realistic, stand outside, take your own photos.. because you can't tell if the ones on the internet are untouched or not. So create your own reference that you can rely on.

    I know you'll be tempted to be guided and influenced by what people want but don't be railroaded into adding things you're not happy with. You only have to look at the download numbers on some of the graphics mods to see that people will download ones that look good, even if they might not be that person's ideal style. I don't download them because as an artist, I just end up sitting there picking them to pieces and that's not enjoyable.

    And at that point, I'll shut up as it's almost 4am... If all that's too boring for your page, I really won't be offended if you want me to delete it... I can get carried away. :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 I'll see what I can do with your advice :) @Frazzlee Thanks, this isn't the final product btw :)

  • @bur587 Based on today's performance so far, might be best to ignore my advice... I seem to be dropping clangers today. :D

  • @LeeC2202 its a 8-10 fps drop. I know what is causing it (HDR) but thats what makes up the preset. I might as well make a light version, should I?

  • @bur587 8 - 10 fps on what hardware though? That's the tricky part of things like this. I think that's why a lot of these presets I have seen, have a couple of different versions, so that people can pick one that suits their hardware.

    If you put in the description "8 - 10 fps loss" and some poor soul with a not very good laptop tries to use it and gets a 30+ fps drop (and there are people out there running GTAV on low-spec hardware), you've potentially got an unhappy user on your hands.

    If you can create a couple of presets, that get your vision across in the best possible way but also cater for a variety of hardware, then you're off to a good start. That is where you face the problem of deciding just what about your preset is essential and what can be compromised. If given the choice, I would take good lighting over pretty much any other feature, I would look at jaggies all day long if they were lit well.

    I think people accept that their game will take a performance hit with a preset like this but not all users understand that in the same way. But at the end of the day, if that loss is what your mod needs to have, to look the way you want it to look, then that's what it has to have.

    If it was me creating this, then I would definitely create an uncompromising full version and a lite version as well. Give them the choice but make sure they get the chance to see it in all its glory, if they have the hardware to run it.

  • @LeeC2202 I have a GTX 960 and it is 1 8-10 fps drop. I cant change the preset without downgrading it. Ill try to make a light version and I will see where that goes.

  • @bur587 That doesn't sound too bad on that GPU then. When I tried VisualV the first time, I got close to a 15 - 20 fps drop on a GTX 970.. and that was without the Reshade preset.

  • @LeeC2202 visualv gives an fps drop? I asked @CP and he said it dodnt. Must be the new version :/

  • @bur587 When I mentioned it he said it didn't either but I recorded a video with it on and showed the drop. It went from a solid 60fps down to low 40s at times, especially when it was in amongst vehicles.

    I could never work out what the real cause of the drop was but I wasn't happy with how it looked anyway, so I just removed it. That's the only preset I have ever loaded into my game. All I run now is ENB with some slight tweaks of my own. I still get a hit but it looks better overall, so I can live with that.

  • @yeahhmonkey It dropped when I wasn't recording

  • @yeahhmonkey I had ENB on... I think, it was a while back now, I can't remember completely.

  • @LeeC2202 visualV never dropped my FPS.. Maybe some other mod of yours caused it.

  • @Akila_Reigns I don't use any other mods, especially graphics mods. The only script mods I use are my own other than TrainerV and SkinControl... and I only use one of my own, my camera mod.

    It's not a problem now, I didn't like it so I removed it. The FPS hit was just another reason that made me uninstall it. All I know is that when I removed it, things went back to normal. :confused: Maybe I installed it wrong, I don't know.

    I just use a clean ENB now with my own tweaks and until I can do my own Timecycle changes, that's perfect for me.

  • @yeahhmonkey Well I have added a GTX1080 since I tried it last but to be honest, the results aren't worth the performance hit, so I'm not going to try it again. It just wasn't visually impressive to me... I haven't found any yet that are. I'm hoping this one might be different and tempt me into trying it... we shall see. :)

    It's probably best to leave it at that now because we're seriously derailing this thread, which is unfair because it's a release thread. Sorry @bur587 :(

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