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Weapons.meta Recoil [tutorial]

  • You want to make your weapon more powerful? Does the Pistol50/Deagle doesnt have that much recoil? Well worry not! Heres a small tutorial how to add some "punch" to your favorite weapon.
    Firstly you want to add some CAMERA SHAKE for your gun

    1. Find the RecoilShakeAmplitude
    2. modify to your liking but dont go past 0.999000
      Now youre done to the screen shake of your weapon
      Now to make the weapon have a powerful KNOCKBACK to it. You need to find the lines
      <IkRecoilDisplacement value
      <IkRecoilDisplacementScaleBackward value
      <IkRecoilDisplacementScaleVertical value
      • For IkRecoilDisplacementValue - the first 0 is the right direction for the gun to sway , the second 0 is the left side where the gun will sway.
      • For IkRecoilDisplacementBackward - the first 0 is the backward direction while the other 0 is for the forward direction of the gun to go when fired.
      •For IkRecoilDisplacenentVertical - the first 0 is for the horizontal while the other 0 is for vertical

    Disclaimer: Never make values above 12 because it would have too much recoil and displacement , ESPECIALLY the IKDISPLACEMENTVALUE. Never go values above 5.

    And thats it! Youve made a very powerful weapon , enjoy your shooting! :)

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