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Using OpenIV After Mobo Upgrade and Fresh Windows Install

  • I am upgrading my mobo in a couple of days and along with that I'm doing a fresh install of Windows 10. I already have Open IV installed (on the drive I'm reinstalling Windows on) and I have all my mods in a mod folder (on a different drive, not the drive I'm installing Windows on) , but when I install the new mobo and reinstall Windows and OpenIV it's going to ask me if I want to create a mods folder for all mods, but since I have my steam games library on a separate drive along with my mods folder that I'm not wiping do I just say No when it asks, or am I going to have to create a new mods folder and move all my mods from the old mods folder to the new one? Any info would be appreciated guys, thank you.

  • I'm guessing you can just use the old mods folder and if it doesn't work you just create a new one.It is really not that hard but I assume it should work fine without needing a new mods folder since Open IV should automatically find if there's a mods folder.

  • @Hieix great thanx for the info. I'm going to check it right now. I'll update you once I get openiv reinstalled..

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