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Cinematic Camera on Foot

  • Oh God ! I have a simple mod request :

    Script or "modified files" that allow Cinematic Camera on Foot


  • Same here i wanted this and this would be a great mod

    someone mod the cinematic car camera to be used on foot

    just like they modded the radio to be used while on foot with mobileradio.asi

  • @louane Real nice and simple idea.

  • bump

    Hopefully someone creates this mod

  • @turtlevan I've tried that without luck. Maybe someone else skilled with camera can do that. BTW I think that we can apply only a "fake" cinematic camera, because actually it seems that there is no way to activate it :/

  • @turtlevan said in Cinematic Camera on Foot:

    Same here i wanted this and this would be a great mod

    someone mod the cinematic car camera to be used on foot

    just like they modded the radio to be used while on foot with mobileradio.asi

    I've just been looking at this and the radio mod simply called the native: SET_MOBILE_RADIO_ENABLED_DURING_GAMEPLAY and that transferred the radio to the mobile phone. So that's a feature that R* had already catered for and modders simply turned it on.

    The cinematic camera is different, forcing it to ON, does nothing until you actually get into a vehicle, which makes me think the camera is only tracking a vehicle and not the player.

    What I might do later, is clear the map of vehicles and peds and drive around a bit in cinematic mode (maybe even Fraps the session so I can watch it back and make notes), see if I can get a feel for what rules the cinematic cam works by. Once I can see how it makes choices about position and zoom etc... it might be possible to replicate that in a created cam... I say might, it wil be possible, it just depends if I can get motivated long enough to do it. I have a short and fragile attention span these days. :(

  • @LeeC2202

    Ok, thanks. You know josh's trainer has an option to make a car invisible. So maybe we can trick the game into thinking your in a car, then turn the car invisible, to trick the camera into thinking you're in a vehicle.

    Only problem is when this is done in the trainer, the player is in the seated position like he's driving the car, so might have to make a call for the walking on foot animation too, which may be too much hassle.

    Just a mention in case this is an easier workaround than creating the new camera angles.

  • @turtlevan That was a thought I had but it would probably cause a lot of problems. Not just because of having to force a set of animations in, but also to handle the change of control sets... For instance, using a controller when walking, 'B' throws a punch but in a vehicle, it activates the cinematic cam. Creating the cameras would be a much simpler task.

    I spent a while last night, captured about 5 minutes of cinematic footage and the camera seems to follow fairly basic rules. Checking for clear drop locations is probably going to be the most complex of the problems, purely because I have no real idea exactly what you can check for at a point in the map. I know you can check for peds and vehicles but don't know about props and buildings.

    It shouldn't be too hard to get a set of camera rules to create cameras that "fall and pan", "Rise, pan and zoom", that kind of thing. Because I only play freeroam now, it could be something I can stay interested in for a while... I'll have a look anyway, it could be fun.

  • @LeeC2202 Great man, Looking forward to seeing what you make, Thank you! I'll help test or anything if you want.

    Would be cool if the new cameras work

  • @LeeC2202

    saw this comment awhile ago on a mod, always thought it would be awesome to see happen:

    "Cinematic camera cuts whenever the player performs a melee takedown or stealth kill. For reference, check out some of the stealth kill footage from the game Manhunt (another Rockstar title) or hell, even Max Payne 3 had similar camera angle cuts when performing an execution move on an enemy. The first trailer for Trevor Phillips also has a nice cinematic camera angle when he hits the guy with the baseball bat -- it makes the bat takedown (the same one used in the actual game) look 10x as vicious. I feel like the simple camera change for a few seconds could give those types of kills a LOT more impact in GTAV, because currently they feel somewhat lackluster when seen through the normal game play camera."

  • @Zippo-Raid The problem with that kind of system, is that it relies on pre-emptive behaviour, which is a lot easier to do when you're creating the core code.

    What I mean by that is, take your baseball bat cinematic as an example. For that to be effective, you have to be able to 100% guarantee that the hit is actually going to happen. When you're writing the actual game, you know exactly what is going to hit and what isn't, just by conditions in the scene. The graphics you see are usually just playing out a pre-calculated outcome. As you already know the outcome, you can create a dramatic scene to play it out.

    When you're working at modding level, everything is reactive, in the sense that you have to respond to what actually happens, because you can't access any other data... you don't know if a hit is really going to hit anything. So you could be in a fight, swing a baseball bat, cut to a dramatic camera, and miss... or get shot, or run over etc...

    The solution to that is complex scene analysis, where you try and manipulate things into a better position to make events happen. And whilst a simple one-on-one fight might seem straightforward enough, imagine that in the middle of a mass shoot-out, in the middle of a road, where an explosion has just gone off starting a potential chain-reaction of crashing/exploding cars, that could land where the camera is.

    Now I'm not saying that is impossible to do but I know that with my attention span issues, it's way beyond what I would attempt. I've set up some basic classes today and just that has been really hard work, because I really struggle to stay focused. :(

  • well, there's pre-defined takedown animations for each melee weapons as well as pre-determined stealth kills for each as well, which is what is shown in the trailer, the real dynamic euphoria crap happens after the encounter. i've only dipped my feet in visual basic coding so i'm not sure if there's prompts for those takedowns/stealth kills as opposed to normal fluid and unscripted melee combat but if so, utilization of such is something very few so far have taken advantage of

  • @Zippo-Raid Hmmm, there's a native "IS_PED_PERFORMING_STEALTH_KILL" which I presume you can use on the player. I might just knock up a simple mod to let me know if/when the player performs one, only seems to be for melee weapons from what I can see.

    I can't remember ever doing a stealth kill to be honest, I'm more a pain inflicting type of killer myself... the more they scream... the more I like it. :smiling_imp:

    Edit: Indeed it does... the minute you initiate the stealth kill, that returns a TRUE and it reverts to FALSE when the whole sequence is done. In ScriptHookDotNet it's Game.Player.Character.IsPerformingStealthKill

    So that makes switching cameras on a stealth kill pretty straight forward... interesting.

  • Have also just noticed that it triggers the same flag when you do a close-combat kill when not in stealth mode. I had a police officer running straight at me and I hit him with the pistol while we were facing each other and it triggered the stealth kill flag.

    So I wonder if it's related to a single hit melee kill, rather than just stealth related kills?? This is something to be tested further.

  • that's even better, all of those types of "stealth kills" per se (even if the context isn't in stealth) are what should have cinematic camera cuts, just like seen here (gameplay from manhunt, another rockstar title). otherwise you could keep the standard gameplay cam and i don't think the transition would be jarring, infact it'd be 10x as cool

    skip to 7:04

  • @Zippo-Raid I was watching that for what seemed like an age, then noticed the bit underneath that said "skip to 7:04" :)

    I was also thinking about having the ability to trigger in slow-motion in some views and those short stealth kills seem like an appropriate place. The Manhunt kills are quite lengthy so it's not too bad at normal speed... although I have to find out how to trigger slow motion first.

    But yes, as it makes it clear when they're happening, it's now much easier to cater for them. I am going to set up a simple switching process first just to get that working, then I'm going to build a camera test-bed, where I can test how the different effects work on the cameras, so I use them properly. DOF when there should be DOF, that kind of thing.

    I'm primarily an artist and also do photography, so I'm a stickler for only applying lens effects where they belong and not faking them. I'm also intrigued to see if I can simulate a Dolly Zoom... that could be quite cool in a slow-mo stealth kill.

  • whatever you work on i'm sure will be dope dude, sounds really sick already ! good luck can't wait to see what you come up with

  • @Zippo-Raid Ok, so this is taking way longer than I was hoping for... but all is not lost.

    I have the camera switching system in place but shifted my concentration initially to these Stealth Kills. Here's a video of them in action: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7LFvItVrwd0WmNRQnd5ZVVjMkU/view?usp=sharing

    Quality isn't particularly high and it's only 720p, I just wanted to get something to show.

    What this system caters for, is any melee kill that is done either from behind (a true stealth kill) or from the front (not sure what those are called). To trigger these you simply have to be in stealth mode and have a Ped targeted with LT (or whatever the other control systems use for that. If you are not in stealth mode, the camera doesn't change view... that stops the camera changing every few minutes when you're in a melee battle.

    I spent literally hours changing camera values and no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to change. So I then had to balance position and FOV whilst the camera was pointed at the Ped being killed. This meant the camera was able to use the DOF effects.

    Now they're working, I can move onto the full cinematic mode whilst on foot... should be fun.

  • Shit, man, that looks awesome! Exactly what I had in mind pretty much, and those front-facing kills you referred to are called "takedowns" in the game files. Hell you could release that on its own and it'd be great already. Thanks again, only suggestion is to tweak the slo-mo/get rid of it entirely. Your call tho!

  • @Zippo-Raid I keep changing the slow-mo values every now and again. The attacks are too quick to be left at normal speed... for me anyway, so even at 50%, it gives you enough time to see them happen properly. Initially I had them at 25%, which was probably too slow. I'll stick them at normal speed, I haven't been there for a while so they might look okay... gives me another excuse to go round killing a bunch of people again. :D

    If I have a look at using .ini files, I could probably just let people specify the rate in there. The danger of that is you then have to start dealing with malformed ini files when people save them wrong, or they write the wrong values, deal with commas and periods for delimiters etc... actually, I could just ignore delimiters completely... hmmm. I have a menu in my current version but that means taking a key or controller input out of use...

    I could just strip out the on foot bit that isn't finished yet, release this as it is and then update it later... I might just do that.

    @TobsiCred Thanks.

  • Here's a very short video showing the kills at normal speed. It's bizarre, I've watched them at slower speed for so long, this looks like it's running faster than normal.


  • no way man, that's 10x better for sure haha, maybe an ini setting could be included if it's not too much trouble. seeing that video though, it seems perfect to me in normal speed, not fast or anything. perfect pace to return to normal gameplay afterward, bravo my man. thanks for all your work

  • @Zippo-Raid Okay, I've just stripped out all the extraneous stuff... or most of it and set the speed to 75%. I'm going to work out how to upload things on here and upload that as a sort of preliminary version of what's to come.

    I'm not going to add any of the ini file stuff just yet because I really want to concentrate on the full blown version... so what I have done, is build a 100% version and a 75% version and people can choose whichever they prefer.

    There's a couple of caveats with the current version and that's down to camera locations. Every now and again, it can (and does) get placed where the view might be obscured. I am doing a raycast to check for clarity but it's a simple test to try and keep the speed up. Basically, it checks once to see if the camera is obscured and if so, it simply moves it to the opposite side of the player.

    At the moment it has about a 2% (maybe less) failure rate in the desert, when you kill near a wall/building... so it might be higher in the city but that's going to be the negative aspect that I would like people to report back on.

  • fair enough, looking forward to it brotha

  • Well, I managed to screw up the simple task of uploading a mod... typical. So I seem to have a broken upload and a working upload pending approval. I'm sure that won't impress Rappo. :(

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