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Problem update 1.0.1868.0

  • Hello everybody !

    I'm coming to you today because I have a problem with my GTA5. Indeed, I did the update of the robbery of the casino, and I put the Script Hook V and dnput8 files (up to date) in my directory. Only when I launch the game, after a few seconds of downloading it quits unexpectedly.

    If you have the solution to this problem thank you in advance.

  • Sure. Let me look into my crystal ball to find all of the information missing from this to then give you a solution.

  • Hello Anth0nny_,

    Please read the whole comment before taking any action. I am not using ScriptHook and dll files, so IDK if this helps, but you can try it. If you have already modded game, make sure you have it updated. If not, you need to update it and mod again. Then make a copy of it somewhere (the whole folder), so you can copy it back after the work. After you made a backup of it succesfully, delete it from your steam folder. After that, copy original backup of a game to steam folder. Then verify a game cache. After verifying, try to log into GTA, only to menu, u don't need to go into campaign. After everything works in the menu, quit the game, go into GTA V Properties in steam and click on "set launch options...". Write there -scofflineonly, click on OK, and then delete your GTA Folder in steam/common folder. After everything is done, copy ur modded updated version of a game into steam/common folder. Then try tu run it and u see if it helps.

  • @pat2785 Okay thank you, but unfortunately I want to keep a "legal" GTA5 if you know what I mean, so thank you but I think I'll just wait for A.B.


    @AnthOnny_ have you updated any trainers etc you use?

  • Yes

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