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Modding and GTA Online

  • Hi,

    I was modding my GTA SP before update and it was running great, I was running like 17 mods at the same time. After update, I get my backup file back into steam folder and verified the game cache, so I now have an updated game and also made a new backup from it. I created online character recently just for racing and deadmatch. I play it sometimes, but I still want to play modded SP game, just for fun.

    So my question is: If I put all my mods files precisely only to 'Mods' folder, so they will not be anywhere else except this one folder, do I get banned in GTA Online?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Your best bet is multiple GTAV folders. One for mods and one strictly for GTAO and name them as such and just rename when you want a specific one.

    • Grand Theft Auto V_Mods
    • Grand Theft Auto V_LSPDFR
    • Grand Theft Auto V_Online

    Then just remove everything after the V for the version you want to play, and put it back when you're switching them over to the other folder. This way you know which is which

  • Yeah, I believe it is most safest way, but my hard drive says no to this thing, cause it is extra 90GB of space :smile: . But thank you for response. So u don't know if a "Mods" folder made in Open IV is 100% safe, in terms of logging into online? I don't want to use any mods in online. But I don't want to get banned for loading mods in online by an accident, because GTA Online loaded some files from "Mods" folder....

  • Okay. Online loading takes too long, or even there are infinite loading screens after some activities. World looks like sh**, and there is very poor performance for me. These things changed my mind, so I will stick with SP.

  • If you have Script Hook V installed you won't accidentally load online. SHV won't allow you to go online.

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