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Gta v Loading crash with mods

  • so i was playing gta v and it suddenly crashed. after that crash gta wont open anymore. tried deleting mods folder , gta now works! but no mods...is there any alternate fixes to this? i dont want to mod gta v again ive put like 100+ mods in the mods folder.

  • Feel bad for you.. GTA with mods is unreliable because of GTA Online updates. Everytime they do an update, you need to update a game. But it means getting clean backup into a steam folder, and then verifying a game cache of that folder, so it can update a clean version of GTA. After that, you need to make a new backup of this updated game and mod this version. I haven't mod GTA V after last update, so idk if it helps or if they made some new anti-mod protection of some files like ScriptHook or for some mods you have.

    So for the future, I recomend you to make space you will know how to orient in in your mod folders you want to install, so you know how to get through it withou any problem or a tutorial even after a several months later.

    I use this method:



    Also in your numbered unpacked folders of mods, keep only a files you want to copy in game, so you don't need to think which files you used, when you modded it like 8 months ago. Hope this helps!

  • @pat2785 yeah , i just made a new mods folder...man it sucks installing every mod ive downloaded again. Also made a backup to the files. Rockstar doesnt fix bugs instead they make those shit mk2s for money.

  • Yeah, but they will not stop if they see that it is working for them ($). Except for us, PC modders... Almost everyone that plays GTA Online is happy that they have a new content and game is not abbandoned. So either we throw a towel to the ring with modding, or learn how to get arround the traps they give us and we start to play their game. I got one question: Do you know if installing precisely every mod to "Mods" folder will give you 100% assurance that it will not load in Online? Cause I started new online character, but I still want to play modded game, so I get the most from both sides... Right now, I got clean installation, but much longer after I will make sure that "Mods" folder will work as it is intended to work (so you can play Online and had a modded SP campaign at the same time) :smile: .

  • Dont you get banned for modding online?

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