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Enable mines on vehicles

  • Hello,
    I would like to know if it's possible to enable the mines on the vehicles compatible like the JB700W for example. When I spawn the car with a trainer, I can add the mines with the trainer but I can't activate it on the car unlike the primary weapons.
    Is there a way to activate it or no ?
    Thanks for your answer

  • Yes you can. If you use the controller, its the right dpad which will release the mine. I'm sure it's the same as the headlight button on the keyboard, but I'm not 100% accurate. It is possible though. I have used it. It's right on the dpad. Same button for the headlights on the controller.

  • I tried but it didn't work for me. The mines are active in the trainer ("Car mod" menu) but when I press the d-pad right, it just activate the lights and not the mine

  • @Jeantony That's strange because that's what I press on my game. I press dpad right on the PS4 controller. Yes the PC version of the game supports the PS4 controller. I'm not sure what to tell you.

  • Never mind, I will try to understand why it doesn't work.
    Thanks for your help

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