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Is there a mod to remove the 'Wasted'/'Busted' script?

  • I noticed on videos from 'FiveM Servers' they don't have a 'busted or wasted' script. Is there such a thing for Singleplayer? Dying or getting busted by cops kills my game with the 'never-ending black screen of death'. Would be nice to get my hands on that. Enough dumb stuff happens while recording than having my game crash because some stupid AI gets lucky or comes out of nowhere and busts me. Thanks for any info.

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    @iammistahwolf Enhanced Native Trainer you can set your character to instantly respawn when they die. I think it also works for being arrested.


    many trainers have never wanted functions if that helps

  • @Reacon, Yeah I use them sometimes. But takes the core out of the setup when recording actions against police.
    @qbit07, That worked a while back for me. But with the last few updates I've run into more and more bugs. Plus I hate having my MP character respawn as one of the main three. Throws off the whole continuity. The 'remember last spawn' mod took care of that, but it wasn't working as of the Launcher remake. I'd just like to have a character go down without the stupid 'wasted', 'busted' screens. If it's an option to ditch them, I'll take it.

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