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Where to start? making mods/coding

  • Hey guys, ive been programming on and off for years, I did C++ (years ago) and recently python.

    1). I was just wondering if I wanted to make my own MODS in GTAV what programming language should I learn?​
    from what I researched it seems to be C#? is this correct ? or is it C++?​

    2). I want to make a drug dealing/gang system for GTAV and at some point a prison system, from what I understand GTAV is pretty limiting and difficult (accessibility wise) for modders, so how limiting is Modding GTAV? Can I make almost any mod I wish ? can I make the mods I have mentioned?​

    this is my first post apologies if im not clear enough..i have ambitious ideas, that I feel would certainly enhance the game ​
    I look foreward to your replies thank you

  • I don't know how about script language but most files which are already in game and are saying how system and ai works are wrote in simple XML. About limiting of GTA it don't limit you much when we speak about scripting, you can make almost different game in same environment

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    ok but im seeing videos online of people coding in C# and some people saying its C++
    im not sure which book to start c# or c++
    I have books for both languages

  • @sidher19904 I'm didn't create any script yet so I don't know in what language are wrote scripts sorry. Have to wait till anyone who made any will write here, I just shared info that I know (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    so gtav is highly moddable ?

    I can change everything?
    if that's the case why aren't there many mods for GTAV? most mods seem to be basic, other than the few amazing ones?
    I don't really see any total conversions on this website, it seems very limited



    There's a few scripting libraries for SP:

    Scripting framework Language Features/Notes
    ScriptHookV C++ Barebones scripting interface, decently popular, standalone
    ScriptHookVDotNet C#/.NET languages Powerful scripting interface, very popular, builds on ScriptHookV
    RagePluginHook C#/.NET languages Powerful scripting interface, not as popular, standalone

    The raw "API" to the game is using script natives (essentially, functions R* uses in their scripts), which all the scripting frameworks resolve for you.

    ScriptHookVDotNet and RagePluginHook throw some more abstraction into this for convenience, and group common functionality together in classes/objects.

    If you want to do things that the natives don't expose - you could try messing with game memory, directly.

  • @sidher19904 not everything but I would say like 80% of the game....what you mean not many? there is hundreds thousands of mods from basic textures thru the models to scripts which add totally new ai or behavior ingame. I seen people do a marvel world from GTA for example, by using marvel models of players and peds and building missions for it etc.

    You wrote you want to make drug dealing and gang system and there is already mods which allow you steal from people, sell the different types of drugs and buy them from other dealers. Mods which make gang wars, system which define who like who and who dislike who so when 2 gangs peds meet on street they shoot each other, police and gangs shooting each other etc. For prison there is no mods what I know but I'm sure there is few good mods aswell for prison enchancement, so I don't understand how it's not too much mods for you :thinking:

  • @ikt said in Where to start? making mods/coding:

    t natives (essentially, functions R* uses in their scripts),

    thanks moderator. apologies but im not a skilled programmer or a very programming literate person.
    so should I learn c# or c++ ?

    a prison system/gang/drugdealing mods

  • Either language would work. For a beginner, I would recommend to learn C#.

  • @Jitnaught

    thank you very much, I think c# is easier than C++. my C++ book "C++ primer" is too big. I have a C# that will be shorter

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