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Convert any vehicle to a police car easily [VIDEO]

  • Hey ! There is a simple tips to show you how is easy to convert any car to a police car !

    As alway, even if you don't understand french, you can understand the tutorial just by following the video ;)
    And of course, community substitle help is activated, if you can and want, you can help me to translate the video, for moment I just translate title and description :p

  • can we get this in english perhaps?

  • i did it but no siren sound. carvariations.meta <sirenSettings value="1" /> lights on but no siren sound. how to open siren sound ?

  • @hassonya if you have no siren sound then its because of vehicles.meta file you have to change the <audionamehash> section either <audionamehash>police3</audionamehash> or police4 would work. if you change it to something else besides police3 police4 or fbi then you will get sirens with no sound.

  • @Willief23 i did it (police) thanks

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