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"Out of game memory" (HELP!)

  • About a month ago I got the error message "Out game memory. Restart or reboot the game". The error message came out of no where as I had not downloaded any new mods that could have triggered it. The last mod I downloaded was this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/nurburgring-nordschleife-circuit-hq . I was playing gta just fine after downloading it, then the next morning is when I started to get the error.

    I tried downloading new gameconfigs and heap adjusters and installing through OpenIV, because its all I found from youtube, but they did not work. Then I uninstalled GTA from steam, and deleted everything rockstar related on my PC that I could find, to get a clean fresh reinstall of the game. After all that, I STILL get the same error. I posted a discussion on steam for some help, and all the suggestions people gave me on there did not work at all. I am completely stumped at this point and have not found a working solution a MONTH later.

    I hope this community can help me solve the error


    @lthorne_03 think it’s the shear size of the map, another moderator @ikt was having that issue with the same map maybe he fixed it and can help


    Depends, did you also uninstall or disable all modding related things? I suggest you browse through this thread first to get an overview of things.

    Before I waste a wall of text on this, it might be smart to check a few things first:

    • Did you revert all your mods?
    • Does the game crash without the map?

  • @ikt
    Yes, I deleted all mods and did a clean reinstall of the game to no avail. The thing is, the game was working fine the night of when I had first used that map mod, it was the next morning I all a sudden experienced the error.

    I found out I get a new error " Unrecoverable fault - Please restart the game" when I set the heap size to 2049 or higher, fyi...

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