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Mods doesn't load from scripts folder

  • So I run the latest version of GTA V and I have a big problem with my scripts folder.
    More precisely it works with just a couple of mods

    Example working mods:

    • Premium Deluxe
    • Benny's Original Motorworks
    • Save Vechicles

    Example not working mods:

    • Pull me over
    • Random Attackings
    • No more missing Blips

    What I've tried:

    • Reinstalling vcredist
    • Reinstalling .NET framework

    Please help cause I'm totally stuck :)

  • *Please write if you would need anything more to give help

  • Also I've read that it's helpful to tag creators of problematic mods. So maybe you will be able to help me:
    @sorbas @edo97

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